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The Law Office of Kristine L. Calalang 
1221 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
main: (215) 320-7512 
fax: (215) 359-9656 
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         At The Law Office of Kristine L. Calalang, we know you have many questions about your legal rights and responsibilities.  We take your concerns seriously and devote time for in-person consultations.  At your consultation, we will provide you with an understanding of the legal landscape and answer your legal questions.  If distance or scheduling are concerns, we will work with you to provide a consultation that works best for your situation (including telephone consultations).    
         Visit our Contact page to provide us with your information, so we can arrange for a consultation.  You can also call us at (215) 320-7512.  Please provide your full name and the names of all individuals involved in your legal matter.  We will run a conflict check before we speak with you at any length, as we are committed to ensuring adherence with Pennsylvania's ethical rules. 
        Below are some documents you should bring with you to your consultation.  Depending on the facts of your particular case, we may request you to bring additional documentation.  If  you do not have all of the documentation below, it is not a problem, as we can always gather this information later.
             - Documentation of any current or prior court litigation
                (including but not limited to complaints, petitions,
                motions, agreements and orders) 

            - Most recent tax return

            - Current pay stub or documentation of current income

            - Documentation of the costs of child care and any child-
               related costs  

            - Documentation of health/dental/vision insurance and 
               the costs of this insurance

            - List of known assets and debts

            - List of contact information for all individuals involved                     in the legal matter          

The Law Office of Kristine L. Calalang offers advocacy with compassion in legal representation and
individualized solutions to help you and your family.