The Law Office of Kristine L. Calalang 

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Kristine L. Calalang provides legal representation in family law matters,
including but not limited to these areas:

Prenuptial Agreements

Divorce/Property Division

Child Custody

Child  & Spousal Support


Protection from Abuse


Name Changes

drafting and negotiation of prenuptial agreements and advisement regarding your rights when signing a prenuptial agreement.

- legal representation throughout the divorce process from beginning to entry of the divorce decree with guidance even thereafter, negotiations regarding property division (i.e., which assets and debts are to be included in the marital estate, etc.) and drafting and enforcement of property settlement agreements.

- guidance as to your rights under Pennsylvania law, initiation of custody complaints and representation in custody litigation, negotiation and settlement of custody matters and guidance regarding home studies, mental health examinations/assessments, custody evaluations and the use of family counseling.

- legal representation in child and spousal support matters (including alimony and alimony pendente lite actions), calculation of support under the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines, representation in support litigation (initiation, modification, enforcement and contempt actions).

- guidance throughout the process of initiating and finalizing adoptions, including cases where a termination of parental rights may be needed.

- initiation of Protection from Abuse actions and representation in associated litigation.
- legal representation in dependency matters, including child advocacy work.

- initiation and finalization of name changes of both minors and adults.

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The Law Office of Kristine L. Calalang offers advocacy with compassion in legal representation and
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